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Member Story: Debbie, a Type 1 diabetic, lost one and a half stone and dropped 2 dress sizes!

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

"From completing Jen's challenge, I now know that you need to eat to keep fit and healthy and to have energy, but you also need to know the right foods to eat. "

Debbie had never followed a structured diet before due to her diabetes and how other diets affected her blood sugar levels as it always involved cutting out something that she needed, so in the past she had tried to cut down on her food intake or even skip meals, which left her feeling horrid:

"Before I started the BTP plan I felt like an awful chubby mess with no energy, always yawning and tired and when I looked in the mirror I did not like what I saw. I felt grotty, with no get up and go"

Debbie then saw her sister-in-law losing weight over lockdown;

" The weight was dropping off her and I wanted to know her secret. She told me a little about what she had been doing and at first I thought I could never do that! She was eating 6 meals a day and working out 6 times a week. All I kept thinking was, 'how the hell will I fit it all in with my busy schedule?!', but after fighting with that voice in my head I thought I would give it a go...
"When I started my first wave I have to admit to having a really negative attitude thinking I’m never going to be able to see this through, but thankfully the online support group really helped me stay on track and thank goodness, as it was the best thing I have ever done!"

Although it was initially a challenge factoring in her diabetes every day, Debbie's lifestyle and daily routines are now changed forever:

"My organisation and routine for my whole life has changed. I pre-cook my meals so I never miss one. I workout at least 5 days a week, and I feel more confident and full of energy which is great!"

After completing her first 6 week challenge, Debbie was hooked and then kept coming back!....

"I was so pleased with my results and what I had achieved in those 6 weeks; all the hard work definitely paid off and then I got the bug for it! I had this feel good factor which I wanted to continue and and l wanted to keep pushing my results too, and look even better! "




Click on the link below and let's get you started!

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