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About Me

Jen The Health Coach

Hi, I'm Jen. A qualified nutrition and fitness coach who has spent over 3 years helping my members get amazing weight loss and fitness results to improve their health and confidence. I  believe living a healthy lifestyle begins with maintaining a strong and fit body. My holistic approach to fitness and health, combining a clear nutrition plan with exercise, will have you feeling great and seeing results you never dreamed were possible. I know this to be true as I had given up believing that after having three children, a serious back operation and being in my forties that I would ever get the shape I so desired. But I got there and you can too.

My Story

In my own pursuit of happiness and health I found and developed a plan that worked for me combining great nutrition with effective and enjoyable exercise. I like you had my own struggles with losing weight following having children. After many failed attempts I finally found a plan that worked for me to lose fat, tone and sculpt my body to get in the best shape of my life. I finally started to get great results and I discovered a new found love for fitness and nutrition, a passion that I went on to train in and to turn into a plan that can help others like me. I have since gone on to help 100s of men and women just like you achieve a complete body transformation.

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