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What's the true enemy - ageing and genetics or lifestyle?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

No longer easy to shift weight and maintain your figure?

Did you find that when you were younger you could get away with eating more of the foods you wanted? Eating out regularly and going for the occasional run to successfully shift any extra pounds? Have you now found, since hitting middle age, that this simply does not work any more? That even after trying countless failed diets and exercise programmes, the weight keeps creeping on? That you feel sluggish and your hormones have gone into free fall? Maybe you have started to think that it simply is too late for you now?

Reverse your fitness debt

Find yourself nodding in agreement? I can assure you, that you are not alone and you're also not going mad. The body does change in less than positive ways as we age which conspires against your health and fitness. But it certainly is not too late, although it is too late to get fit the way you used to! No matter how out of shape you are now, you can reverse most or even all of the fitness 'debt' you have accrued over the years. And the good news is, this can be achieved in a matter of months, rather than years!

Genetics and ageing or lifestyle?

You will be surprised and relieved to know that scientific studies show that 'ageing' and genetics affect wellness and longevity way less than lifestyle. We put on weight and get weaker, with more aches and pains, not because of the passing birthdays, but because we stop exercising and moving, combined with overeating.

Studies show that although we cannot reverse our actual age, we can reverse our 'metabolic' age and restore our vitality, agility and tone through the magic four:

  1. Strength training

  2. Nutrition

  3. Sleep

  4. Supplementation

Prevent and gain muscle loss

We know that we lose around 1% of muscle after the age of 30, which speeds up after the age of 50. But this is entirely preventable and research shows that not only can you prevent this muscle loss, but you can in fact gain muscle and strength as effectively as you could in your twenties! In a study at the University of Maryland, women aged between 65-73 gained just as much muscle after a nine week strength training programme as women nearly 40 years younger, aged 23-28! Wooohooo! Let's go, ladies!

More muscle = faster metabolism

Increasing our muscle will increase our slowing metabolism. The two are utterly connected. Muscle decline = a slower metabolism. Increased muscle = increased metabolism.

Exercise more and knock year off

And did you know that daily exercise can knock years off how you look?! How? Telomeres, darling. These are the end caps that hold our chromosomes together. Every time a cell replicates, telomeres lose a bit of their length and when they get too short the cell will die. Anti-ageing researchers tout their expensive answers to stop this happening, but in fact the "wonderdrug" is free.... it's called exercise! Research has shown that the telomeres of women who exercise for 30 minutes a day, and men 40 minutes, looked nine years younger than those of sedentary groups!

Women who exercise for 30 minutes a day, and men 40 minutes, looked nine years younger than those of sedentary groups!

So it's all positive, good news! It's not too late! However, your new body is not available on Amazon Prime, and will not turn up tomorrow! You will need to be consistent and patient.

Start making improvements to your health and knocking those years off your looks

I would love to show you how to start implementing strength training into your daily routine and how to support this with the correct nutrition and supplementation. If you feel ready to get started, then join my next 6 week body transformation plan, the perfect kickstart into a new lifestyle change, which will transform your body and mindset forever.

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