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Member Body Transformation: Katie lost 3 and a half stone and dropped 4 dress sizes!

"My biggest take away from doing the 6 week challenge is experiencing a really radical transformation... like something you see a celebrity achieve and you think they've had so much help! But I did it myself, at home, just eating the right stuff and getting my workouts done."

Katie's weight had always stayed pretty consistent until after giving birth to her third child, which required a C-Section. This was not made easier by the 19 month gap between her second and third child, with little time in between to regain her pre-baby body shape.

"I hated the feeling post c-section of having a weak core and generally feeling like I changed my shape and carried weight differently".

Kate was recommended the BTP through a friend who had completed the challenge herself and was getting great results. It has changed her entire relationship with physical fitness and food:

"I really wasn't thinking about dieting. I just felt lost with my new heavier body and didn't know where to start. Then my friend, who did Jen's challenge showed me her before and after photos and I thought, sod it, I want to do what she's doing!"
"I now understand that you can eat well and lose weight and how much easier it is to make a meal from scratch and know what it really contains, rather than just throwing a sauce on top of something. I have also learned so much about my body. Although the exercise was hard to start with, I got stronger quite quickly and really enjoyed exercising and making time for myself."

Katie's lifestyle and daily routines are now changed forever with positive changes of making time for herself a priority too :

"Initially it was hard making time for myself, but through doing this challenge it helped both myself and my family understand that I need time to improve myself and how this then positively impacts the rest of the family too."

When asked how she felt having completed two waves of the BTP, Katie said

""I FELT FANTASTIC! Really proud and genuinely surprised at my transformation. It was such a huge change that people commented about it all the time saying they couldn't believe how much weight I had lost. I have never been lean or muscular, but it was great to achieve that, especially after having 3 children!"

Dropping from a size 16, nearly 18 to a size 10/12, Katie is now equipped with long term knowledge to maintain her fabulous new shape:

"I am now no longer confused about weight loss and fitness.I have learned that it is in fact very simple; You are what you eat and you get out what you put in. I now know how good feeling fit feels and that I am in control of how I look and feel."




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