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Should We Ditch or Keep Cardio Workouts in Later Life?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Should we still do cardio as we hit our 40’s, 50’s and beyond?

Cardio or ‘endurance training’ or ‘aerobic exercise’ such as running, swimming, cycling, team sports, HIIT , brisk walking are all different forms of exercises which elevate our heart rate. Although we now understand that strength training has more advantages to our overall health than just cardio, it doesn’t mean that there should not be any room in your exercise routine to include cardio as well.

Why should we build cardio into our life?

  • As it’s name suggests, it boosts the health and function of your heart and cardiovascular system. Although both strength training and cardio equally lowers blood pressure, research shows that optimum results are achieved by combining both.

  • As we age our capillary health starts to decline along with muscle density. The capillaries are what transport oxygenated blood and nutrition to the muscles and research has shown that cardio increases capillary density in muscles in just a few weeks!

  • Cardio burns more calories per unit of time than strength training which does speed up fat loss and helps keep it off.

Conclusion: strength training with cardiovascular exercise combined with balanced nutrition is the best combo for creating a lean, mean, fit machine!!!!

How do you strike the balance between not doing too much cardio and then compromising your muscle gain?

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Jen x

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