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Can you get great results without using supplements? Of course.

But do the right supplements help you achieve your goals more quickly? Yes, I believe they do. 

I have partnered with two award winning companies: Herbalife and Le-Vel, to bring the best supplements I have researched on the market. 

You can choose to follow the Herbalife Nutrition and Food Plan OR the Full Food Plan, or a combination of both.


The Herbalife Nutrition & Food Plan:


This replaces 2 of the 5 meals with a nutrient dense shake which has all the macro and micro nutrients your body requires.

They are quick, convenient and delicious; perfect for those short of time or as a quick option when plans unexpectedly change.

Here is a list of the Herbalife products required for this plan:

Formula 1 shake

Protein Drink Mix

Personal Protein Powder

Oat Apple fibre

Rebuild Strength post workout 


Click on my Herbalife Shop to order products or to purchase a  3 day trail pack for £15 (including postage) 


Thrive products by LeVel:

The naturally derived ingredients in these supplements compliment both Herbalife & Food and Full Food options with their 3 step simple morning routine.

This is by no means compulsory; but it will give you a cutting edge with the following: 

  • weight management/appetite control

  • cognitive performance

  • healthy joint function and support

  • antioxidant support

  • lean muscle support

  • digestive and immune support

  • increased energy

  • restful sleep


For more information about the Thrive 3 step experience, check out the brief video below: 















You can check out the products and order,  create a FREE no obligation account by clicking on the link below.




Or click below if you wish to purchase a 3 day trail pack for £15 (including postage) 


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