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The 6 Week Menopause Warrior Plan

  • 7Weeks
  • 10Steps


I have put together an exercise and nutrition one stop shop! Using all the up-to-date research I will help you take back control and feel like YOU again! Whether you are on HRT or not, this plan will leave you feeling leaner, fitter and stronger, both physically and mentally. You body will be getting all the nutrients recommended for us Menopause Warriors whilst the exercises will help build lean muscle essential for boosting our flagging metabolisms. This coupled with cardio for our heart health this plan will melt away those extra unwanted pounds! So stand up, take action, fight back and let me help you WIN!!!!  This is a 6 week challenge with an additional prep week which you can skip if you feel you're already prepped!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app




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